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Tevia Angled Fan Eyelash Magic Brush

Tevia Angled Fan Eyelash Magic Brush

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Hate eyelashes that look clumpy and stuck together after applying mascara?

Flutter Your Lashes in a more convenient way!

Achieve a perfect lash look easily with this eyelash magic brush ! If you've got it, flaunt it! 


Check out our happy Customers' reviews:

I‘m a redhead so my eyelashes are very light colored. A mascara wand alone cannot get to the edge of my eyelashes above and below my eyelid. So before I use the mascara wand, I lightly coat mascara on this brush and use it to apply mascara above and below the eyelashes on my top eyelid. Then I follow it up with the mascara wand. So I get a complete mascara application from the base of my eyelashes to the tips. The brush's angle makes applying the mascara to the lash line very easy.
Geraldine Henderson, 30, Las Vegas, Nevada

This Tevia Angled Fan Eyelash Magic Brush is a gem and I'm ordering a second one! I was introduced to its use when I consulted a makeup expert to solve a few problems I was experiencing with makeup application. I complained about mascara clumping and she suggested using a small fan brush to take mascara off the applicator brush that comes with the mascara and then apply it to my lashes. It really works! And this little brush is stiff enough to separate the lashes as it applies the mascara.
Jessica Elliot, 28, Staten Island, New York



  • 120 degree folding angle shaped

The fan shaped design makes it easier to reach all areas of your lashes, and the bent brush allows for greater control over which areas of your lashes you want to comb. The ergonomic handle of this product is easy to hold, so you can be sure of total control over every lash. Unlike other brushes, it won't slip or slide out of your hand, because it's designed to fit comfortably in your palm.
    • Innovative non- messy curved brush
      Prevent clumping and smudging

    The unique shape helps to lift and separate lashes while providing an intense curl and lash definition. The effortless application allows you to cover your lashes evenly without having to move the brush around too much or applying too much pressure on any one spot (which could cause you to pull out some lashes) 

      • Extra boost of volume, length, and curl

      The bristles are soft, so they won't irritate your eyes, and they are also flexible, so you can easily get into all of the corners of your eyes. A revolutionary new product that gives your eyes that extra boost of volume, length, and curl. It can be used on lashes of all lengths and sizes, whether you have short or long lashes to begin with this is the perfect eye glamor for you.

        • High quality materials consist of nylon instead of natural hair

        Easier to clean and don't harbor bacteria like natural hair does.They also last longer than natural hair bristles do, so you won't need to replace your brush as often It is kept in a protective case which will keep your brush head in tip top shape and will prevent it from shedding ensuring a longer use.

          More of our customer satisfaction testimonies:

          Love! Love! Love this Tevia Angled Fan Eyelash Magic Brush! I have very minimal natural eyelashes so this product helps bring out my non-existing lashes. Product does what it says, the sturdiness is comparable or better than the more expensive counterpart. Great tool for applying mascara close to the base of lashes. I also use it to apply eyelash tint/dye. Will definitely purchase more. Overall, best investment ever!
          Tina Ferguson, 35, Birmingham, Alabama

          A friend was telling me about how she applies her mascara on lower eyelashes with a mascara brush. I decided to try and it is so easy. Most wands leave as much mascara on my lashes as on my skin under my eye. Purchased to apply a touch of mascara to lower lasso so it's not bulky and thick, does a great job. Just apply some mascara to the tip of the brush and lightly wipe it onto your lashes. Best tool to get separated long lashes. I don't know how more women don't know about these brushes.. it’s so heaven sent!
          Gizelle Vermont, 45, Phoenix, Arizona


          • Material: Fiber wool+copper tube+solid wood
          • Size: 6.5 inches
          • Color: Black
          Package Inclusion:
          • 1 x Tevia Angled Fan Eyelash Magic Brush
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